If you have had your car damaged you will already have discovered how costly it can be to have it repaired, even when the damage was minimal. The bottom line is that car insurance is what keeps our finances intact. Car insurance will protect you from huge financial loss in case of an accident and there are many insurance companies today who offer a range of schemes.

There is no one-size-fits-all insurance deal, and average car insurance rates will depend on the type of insurance you choose; whether it is comprehensive car insurance or liability insurance. Comprehensive car insurance is the best insurance as it covers your liability for damage caused by yourself to other people’s property. This type of insurance will also take care of repairs to your car up to the value it is insured for.

How Risky are You to Insure?

The cost of your insurance will depend on how risky they think you will be to insure. Teenagers for instance, and particularly male drivers under the age of 25 will be regarded as a higher risk than an older women driver as they are regarded as inexperienced as well as being more reckless. Male drives may regard this as discrimination, but the truth of the matter is that insurance companies simply go by the statistics they receive from accurate sources which show that male drivers are involved in more accidents than female drivers. There are however, steps that male drivers, teenage drivers, senior drivers as well as others drivers can take to save on insurance costs, like investing in a cheaper model car and installing safety features like immobilizers and tracking devices.

It is interesting to note that female teen accidents have been rising, and it is thought that girls tend to use their cell phones more often than their male counterparts when driving and texting messages has been a major factor contributing to the rise in car accidents among young females. If the trend continues, average car insurance rates http://cantion.com/auto-insurance/ for males and females, regardless of age, will be made equal. Teenagers are not the only ones who are seen as a risk by insurance companies, seniors are also seen as risky because after the age of 70, your hearing, eyesight and reactions to events start to diminish, and car accidents happen more frequently with seniors who have reached their six score years and ten.

Keeping Insurance Rates Lower

You can also keep your insurance rates lower by only claiming when it is absolutely necessary and by increasing your excess. Other factors which will determine your premium will be your age, your gender as well as the type of car you are insuring. Typical car insurance rates will also be affected by the area in which you live and the resources you have available to safeguard your car. If you live in an area where there is a high crime rate, and your car gets parked outside in the street at night, your premium will be higher. If you live in a quiet area where crime is virtually unknown and your car gets parked in a lock-up garage, your premiums will be lower. If you use your personal car as a business vehicle, adding on a lot of mileage can add to the cost of your coverage.

Don’t Be a Loser

Insurance is something we can’t afford to be without because accidents happen, and when they do, without insurance, we can be financially ruined. Insurance is there to help us, and it is up to us to research the various insurance options for the one that can offer the most coverage while still being the most cost effective. Click this site if you want to read more articles.